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The MORE Staffing Difference: Beyond Recruitment to Executive Coaching

Beyond Recruitment

In the ever-evolving world of recruitment and staffing, it's no longer enough to just place a candidate in a role and consider the job done.

Modern businesses need more – they need assurance that the talent they're bringing on board is not just competent but is also continuously evolving and growing in their roles.

As award-winning executive and leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith famously points out, what got you here, won’t get you to tomorrow. The best of the best are always striving for improvement. The competencies, mindset, and habits that propelled individuals to success in one phase of their career may not align with the demands for the next phase. This is because the world is constantly changing, and the skills and qualities that are required for success are also changing.

At MORE Staffing, we've recognized this need and have integrated a unique approach into our services. We don't just stop at recruitment; every talent we place comes with an executive coach by their side.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

Maximized Potential: An executive coach brings out the best in our talents. They challenge them, motivate them, and guide them toward surpassing their own benchmarks.

Improved Problem-Solving: With a coach to guide them, our talents develop a keen sense of problem-solving. They become adept at handling unexpected challenges and navigating through them with ease.

Leadership Development: Today's talent is tomorrow's leader. With continuous coaching, our talents are groomed for leadership roles, ensuring they're ready to take on bigger responsibilities.

Enhanced Communication:

Effective communication is key in any professional setting. Executive coaches equip our talents with the tools to communicate more effectively, ensuring smoother collaboration.

Consistent Growth: The business world is dynamic, and stagnation is not an option. With regular sessions with an executive coach, our talents are always in a state of growth, upskilling, and adapting to new changes and trends.

Filipino Virtual Professional

Over and Beyond: The MORE Staffing Promise

When a client partners with us, they don't just get a new team member; they get a professional who's committed to showing up at work every day, aiming to perform over and beyond. With an executive coach by their side, each talent is equipped with the resources, strategies, and mentorship to excel in their roles and add significant value to the businesses they serve.

If you're looking for a staffing partner who offers more than just recruitment,

MORE Staffing is your answer. We ensure that every talent you hire is not just a great fit for your business today, but also receives the guidance and mentorship to continuously shine brighter tomorrow. Join us and experience the difference of a workforce that's always striving for more!


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