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Ready to Recruit Remote Professionals? Here are the Best Virtual Positions for Your E-commerce

Updated: Feb 26

Recruit Remote Professionals

Electronic commerce (or e-commerce) refers to the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. Unlike traditional businesses, it presents unique challenges like digital marketing, online security, and global logistics, requiring agility, diverse skill sets, and deep competency to overcome them. Thankfully, the virtual talent pool unlocks a world of possibilities, offering skilled professionals around the world eager to contribute and thrive remotely. 

But where do you start? We've compiled the top 10 virtual positions perfect for your e-commerce business, categorized by department, along with their key skills and impactful contributions.

Supply Chain:

1. Supply Chain Manager: The backbone of efficient operations, these remote gurus oversee inventory management, supplier relationships, and logistics. 

Skills: data analysis, negotiation, project management. 

Tools:  ERP systems, Shopify, Anvyl, Sellerboard, Google Analytics

Contribution: Cost optimization, streamlined operations, improved delivery times.

2. Inventory Planner: Like a maestro of stock, these virtual wizards forecast demand, manage stock levels, and optimize purchasing. 

Skills: Demand forecasting, data analysis, inventory management principles. 

Tools: Inventory management software, forecasting tools, data visualization platforms. 

Contribution: Reduced stockouts, optimized storage costs, improved cash flow.

3. Logistics Manager: Ensuring products reach customers seamlessly, these remote experts manage shipping, warehousing, and transportation. 

Skills: Logistics planning, carrier negotiations, operational efficiency. 

Tools: Transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), communication platforms. 

Contribution: Reduced shipping costs, faster delivery times, enhanced customer satisfaction.

4. Sourcing Specialist: Your virtual globe-trotters, these professionals identify and negotiate with the best suppliers for your needs. 

Skills: Negotiation, market research, product knowledge. 

Tools: Sourcing platforms, communication platforms, supplier databases. 

Contribution: Cost-effective sourcing, improved product quality, diversified supply chain.

Supply Chain sample bios


5. Finance Manager: Your virtual financial compass, these remote leaders oversee the entire financial department, strategizing and managing budgeting, forecasting, and investments. 

Skills: Financial management, strategic thinking, risk analysis. 

Tools: Financial management software, budgeting tools, forecasting tools. 

Contribution: Optimized financial performance, strategic financial planning, improved profitability.

6. Accountant: The financial rockstars of your team, these remote experts handle bookkeeping, financial reporting, and tax compliance. 

Skills: Accounting principles, financial analysis, software proficiency. 

Tools: Accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero), tax software, reporting tools. 

Contribution: Accurate financial records, improved cash flow management, efficient tax compliance.

Finance sample bios

Sales & Marketing:

7. Graphic Designer: The visual storytellers of your brand, these remote artists create captivating graphics, product images, and marketing materials. 

Skills: Design software proficiency (Adobe Suite, Canva), branding knowledge, creativity. Tools: Design software, project management tools, communication platforms. Contribution: Enhanced brand image, increased marketing effectiveness, improved customer engagement.

8. Web Developer: The architects of your online presence, these remote tech wizards build and maintain your website, ensuring functionality and mobile responsiveness. 

Skills: Programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), e-commerce platform expertise, problem-solving abilities. 

Tools: Development tools, e-commerce platform tools, project management tools. 

Contribution: User-friendly website, seamless customer experience, increased conversion rates.

9. Social Media Manager: Your virtual brand ambassadors, these remote experts manage your social media presence, building communities and engaging with customers. 

Skills: Social media marketing strategy, content creation, community management. 

Tools: Social media management platforms (Hootsuite, Buffer, Planoly, native scheduling tools), analytics tools, content creation tools (Canva, Semrush, Jasper)

Contribution: Increased brand awareness, improved customer engagement, boosted sales through social media.

10. Sales Manager: The remote leaders of your sales team, these professionals coach and motivate representatives, driving revenue growth and achieving sales goals. 

Skills: Sales leadership, coaching, performance management, communication. 

Tools: ERP (SAP, Oracle), CRM systems (HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho), sales enablement tools, communication platforms (Live Chat). 

Contribution: Increased sales team performance, improved customer relationships, maximized revenue growth.

Sales & Marketing sample bios

Unlocking the Benefits:

These are just a few of the many virtual positions that can propel your e-commerce business forward. By embracing remote talent, you gain access to a wider pool of qualified professionals, reduce overhead costs, and foster a diverse and flexible work environment. Remember, successful remote team building requires clear communication, robust technology infrastructure, and a culture of trust and collaboration.

Ready to move forward? Start by defining your specific needs and desired skillsets for your e-commerce. You can consult with staffing agencies like us to help you get started. We connect e-commerce businesses in North America with top-tier virtual professionals from the Philippines. We were our own first customers and saw how hiring senior talent helped us scale. Remember, investing in the right virtual positions can unlock a world of possibilities and fuel your e-commerce success.


Book a free talent acquisition consultation with us, 

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