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Get to Know MORE Staffing

Updated: Jan 25

Quality-Focused, Growth-Driven, Win-Win for All

More Staffing LLC

Welcome to MORE Staffing, where we're reshaping the essence of remote staffing in the modern world. With an integrated approach, we're more than just a conduit for staffing; we're the bridge that connects aspirations with opportunities.

Our Mission:

At MORE Staffing, our vision is to transcend traditional business barriers. We're dedicated to enhancing both businesses and lives by delivering a comprehensive 360-degree solution. We take the helm from the early stages of recruitment, transition seamlessly into onboarding, streamline payments, and focus intently on the longevity of placement. Our mission is expansive: to champion a global remote work environment that's not just about filling roles but propelling businesses to new horizons.

More Staffing Executives

Our Pillars of Strength:

Guiding our journey towards redefining remote recruitment and leaving an indelible mark are the core beliefs we hold dear:

  • Continuous Evolution: At the heart of MORE Staffing is an insatiable desire for growth. We foster a culture where learning and progression are intertwined, allowing both our clients and our team to always aim higher and reach further.

  • Stewardship: We're not just accountable; we're guardians of our promises. We wear our responsibilities with pride, and when faced with challenges, we embrace them as stepping stones towards greater resilience.

  • Proactive Empowerment: We believe in the potential of every individual. By entrusting our team with the autonomy to act and decide, we create an environment ripe with innovation and adaptability.

  • Unwavering Integrity: Our foundation is built upon genuine interactions. Every step we take is marked by honesty, transparent communication, and a commitment to fostering mutual respect with everyone we engage with.

Pursuit of Perfection

  • Pursuit of Perfection: At MORE Staffing, 'good' isn't good enough. We are driven by a relentless desire to elevate every aspect of our service, always setting the bar a notch higher.

Join us at MORE Staffing, where we don't just offer staffing services but craft transformative staffing experiences, focused on fueling your global aspirations.


We're here to assist you in discovering exceptional Filipino talent. Get in touch with us today. Want to get the latest updates from us? Join our mailing list! We'll send you industry news, staffing insights, special offers, and more.


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