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Why Opt for Filipino Talent in the Workplace

Updated: Jan 25

Opting for Filipino Talents

In the modern era of business, harnessing talent and technology on a global scale has never been more accessible. Thanks to geoarbitrage, entrepreneurs can employ a top-tier team from around the world, optimizing costs in the process. A prime example of this is the burgeoning gig economy in the Philippines.

But why are Filipino professionals increasingly becoming the go-to choice for businesses worldwide?

Proficiency in English

Proficiency in English: From historic roots to present-day cultural influences, the English language is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the Philippines. Owing to the influence of the American education system, coupled with contemporary educational and economic factors, English is exceptionally well-integrated into the Philippine cultural landscape. This unique linguistic environment has given rise to a remarkable asset—Filipino talent with proficiency in the English language, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking global talent.

Tech and Social Media Savvy

Tech and Social Media Savvy: The Philippines has 73 million active social media users. With their affinity for technology and the internet, Filipino talents are quick to adapt to the latest digital tools and platforms.

Positive Disposition: Ranked the 2nd happiest country in SouthEast Asia, Filipinos carry an inherently optimistic attitude, adding a unique vibrance to workplaces. Their resilience, dedication, and cheerful nature, especially in the face of adversity, make them invaluable assets.

Outsourcing Experience: With roots tracing back to 1992, the outsourcing industry in the Philippines has flourished. Filipino professionals are accustomed to catering to international clients, understanding the dynamics of the freelancing world.

Competitive Rates: On average, a Filipino virtual talent charges around $11.72 per hour, a stark contrast to $37.87 in the US or $46.54 in Great Britain. Despite the geographical distance, their skills and professionalism are on par with global standards. Focusing on specific expertise, a supply chain manager in the Philippines with several years of experience may charge $20/hr, while a supply chain professional based in the USA may charge around $45/hr. In a year, total savings for just a single hire can amount to $50k.

Work Ethic: Ingrained with the values of diligence and dedication from a young age, Filipinos are known for their relentless work ethic, consistently exceeding client expectations.

Global Mindset: With 2.2 million overseas Filipino workers, they're inherently global citizens, seamlessly adapting to international processes. Their service-oriented nature stands out, treating clients with the utmost care.

As the gig economy continues to flourish, Filipino virtual professionals stand out as a prime choice for businesses. They offer quality, adaptability, affordability, and a remarkable work ethic. If you're transitioning to a virtual workspace, Filipino freelancers should be on your radar. Connect with us to find the right talent for your needs.


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