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Thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant? 

We recruit top-tier remote management-level professionals to support your business’s growth. Schedule a call to learn more.

Work solutions we can help you with:

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Hire an Offshore Management-Level Position

offshore team

Setup Your Offshore Team from Scratch

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Executive Coaching for Your Business Leaders and Team

Hire an off-shore management-level position
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We can find you exceptional remote professionals in supply chain and finance,
as well as all other fields up, down, and across your organization.

Supply Chain


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Finance Manager

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Demand Planning


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Accountant/ Controller

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Global Sourcing


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Financial Analyst

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Logistics Analyst

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Business Operations


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Chief of Staff/


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Intrigued by building an offshore team?
We offer expert help:


Consultation on the process, benefits, and more!


Identify key positions to hire for your business


Search for qualified candidates you can select from


 Recommend tools and apps for daily operations


Guide in the setup of payroll, communication system, and other platforms


Provide coaching, training, and mentorship for your local and offshore team

Build an off-shore team from scratch
Coach Laarni, ICF-Accredited Coach, executive coach
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Unlock untapped potential with executive coaching

Our commitment to supporting you with high-level talents goes beyond finding you the best match. We integrate six months of ICF-led executive coaching sessions to our process. Our head coach and co-founder Laarni Guevara is an ICF Professional Certified Coach - a designation given to the top 5% coaches worldwide. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the many benefits of having a coaching culture in your organization.


Currently not hiring for your company but interested in executive coaching? We’ve got your coaching needs covered. We design 6-month and 12-month coaching engagements for business leaders and work teams. 

Executive coaching, training, and mentorship
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Future-forward, productive, and high-performing talent

Your employees are the building blocks of your business.

When you partner with us, we help you find and nurture the best talent.

An environment that naturally brings out productivity

An environment that naturally brings out productivity vector

Studies reveal that remote work setup is correlated to increased productivity of knowledge workers.

A Strategic and

Proven Approach

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Maximize geoarbitrage and hire more talent or lower your overhead costs. Hire management-level for maximum impact.

Breakthrough with

Executive Coaching

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Create a coaching culture in your organization to boost engagement, performance, productivity.

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Additional Resources

digital-work, More, Staffing, LLC, Talent, Outsourcing, Agency, More, Global, Opportunities

10 Best Apps and Tools to Set up an Offshore Team

Newsletter Onboarding Cheklist

Get your complimentary onboarding checklist 

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