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Why Successful Companies Work With An ICF-Accredited Coach

Updated: Jan 29

Why Successful Companies Work With An ICF-Accredited Coach

Is employee engagement and productivity your priority right now? Then consider working with an ICF-accredited coach for your organization.

The gold standard worldwide

The cream of the crop of professional coaches are not only members of the International Coaching Federation but are also trained under the organization. Whether for an Associate Certified Coach to Master Certified Coach, any strand of ICT training will add to the legitimacy and exclusivity of a professional coach's credentials.

The gold standard worldwide

They offer training classes to students and professionals who meet their strict exigence. This includes a margin of 100 hours of professional coaching experience only for the lower ACC Path. ICF represents several life coaches, executive coaches, CEO-certified executive coaches, and others with over 25 years of expertise in the business.

Consulting with an ICF-certified coach will make you see the reflection of their education in an apprenticeship geared towards professional coaches who are knowledgeable in their business and creative but also emphatic and dedicated to their clients and mentees.

What sets More Staffing apart

Why hire an executive coach?
Hiring with More Staffing goes beyond deployment. More Staffing is invested in seeing professionals and organizations unlock their full potential.

MORE is a staffing company that connects companies and businesses to top talents in their home of the Philippines. Their global workplace goal is to ensure that both the outsourcing companies and their potential employees thrive, and this is what sets them apart.

Once MORE connects a company to the top managerial level, Filipino workers, their job won't stop there because they will also tackle onboarding and several other benefits to ensure that the candidates will continually develop to unlock their fullest potential as they work in the organization.

What sets More Staffing apart

These benefits include effective mentoring and stellar ICF-certified coaching for potential employees. The symbiotic relationship of growth for both the company or the business with the candidate is the bedrock of their commitment to giving more: ensuring that you are matched with the best candidate for the position and making sure that the candidate also experiences growth both financially and professionally.

Working with coaches in MORE

The most distinguishable feature of MORE is their roster of talents and excellent individuals that heads their team. They carry experts from across all facets, from entrepreneurship to executive coaching to training to business operations and many others. Any company, business, or individual can count on their operations to guide the organization towards each of their personal or professional life goals.

One particular person who stands out in their ledger of talents is Laarni Guevara.

Working with coaches in MORE
Coach Laarni Guevara, Co-founder and Head Coach of More Staffing is an ICF-certified coach.

Coach Laarni, as all her mentees know her, carries under her belt experience in the business that is beyond her years. She is a fully certified ICF-executive coach and an Industrial Engineer with core expertise on supply chains, which dictated her career path before venturing and co-founding MORE that is based in New York City.

Her coaching techniques are grounded on her rigorous ICT training and experience and her core work as a mother and business owner. Coach Laarni's website gives emphasis on helping women achieve their fullest potential, whether in a business venture from the ground up or coaching with time management as they balance not just work and their lives. Truly someone a company can trust with their recruiting process.

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