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Why Hire Filipino Professionals

Updated: Jan 29

Filipino professionals

Looking to optimize your business? It’s time to leverage technology and talent, and thanks to the power of geoarbitrage, you can hire a full team of professionals across the globe who are driven, capable, and rockstars of their own field while tremendously optimizing your business costs.

The gig economy continues to take over the workforce. Based on a Bureau of Labor Statistics study, workers in this sector reached 55 million in 2017 alone. In the US, there are about 57 million gig workers, a figure that’s 36% of the total workers in the country.

The gig or freelance work sector is on the rise, not only in the United States but also in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. According to this source, it is among the fastest growing in terms of freelancing in the world- accounting for 1.5 million Filipino digital platform workers, or online freelancers.

They work in various project-based services, collectively called gigs – writing, virtual assistance, software development, data entry, and digital marketing. According to a Forbes Magazine article, the country recorded a 35% growth and ranking as the “world’s 6th fastest growing market for freelancers – and primarily those working digitally or via the internet (*2019 Global Gig Economy Index).”

Based on this index, which was measured by online payments, the earnings of Filipino freelancers, particularly in the second quarter of 2019 grew by 35%. Filipino freelancers are more than just a part of a statistical report or study. They bring much to the table.

So, Why Hire Filipino Talents?

2% of the Philippine population is in the freelancing sector, according to the Global Freelancer Insights Report (PayPal 2018).

They contribute much to the freelance sector – and in more ways than one. In the following, let’s dig into the reasons clients prefer Filipino digital workers vs. their counterparts from other countries.

Filipinos are well-loved global professionals, for a whole gamut of reasons:

  • Filipino talents have superb English communication skills - in writing, speaking, and listening.

  • Filipino talents are tech-savvy and well-adapted to the digital world.

  • Filipinos are familiar and knowledgeable with remote working.

  • Filipino talents have a lower hourly rate than counterparts from developed countries.

  • Filipinos are motivated, diligent, and resilient - and they bring this with them to the workplace.

Now let’s dive into each of these stellar reasons:

Excellent English skills – written or verbal

It’s no secret that a lot of Filipino workers are in the call center or business process outsourcing industry.

Filipinos speak and write in English well, thanks to the influence of the US in education. From childhood, they’re taught to speak and write in English.

Their fluency in the language is world-renowned, and it’s one of the top reasons foreign companies are hiring Filipino talents.

Together with the media and the strong influence of the American education system in the country, speaking and writing in English has been second nature for Filipinos. So, even if you’re a native English speaker, you won’t have any trouble communicating with a Filipino digital platform worker.

Social media and technologically savvy

technological savvy

Filipinos are huge social media and internet consumers. You might not be able to name a Filipino who doesn’t have a social media account, in at least one of them. Based on a report, the country has 73 million active social media users.

Filipinos have broken social media records a couple of times and have even used it to sell products and services to friends (yes, Filipinos are hardworking, more on this later).

Filipinos are also updated with the most recent technologies, not limited to mobile phones but also the latest apps.

Being internet and social media adept, Filipino freelancers are fast learners of new technologies. They’re top internet users, who spend at least 10 hours on the web.

Positive life outlook – and disposition

The Philippines is the 3rd happiest country in the world, recording an +84 net score (Gallup’s 41st Annual Global End of Year Survey) and following Colombia +87.

There are always more reasons to smile than to frown about.

Filipino freelancers are naturally optimistic even when facing challenges. They tend to look at the brighter side of things. Filipinos are resilient, driven, and happy. Their tourism tagline “it’s more fun in the Philippines” takes inspiration from this optimistic and positive attitude.

Filipino professionals bring a beautiful and cheerful vibrance with them to the workplace.

Filipinos remain joyful. And when it comes to work, there is no one as dedicated as a Filipino freelancer. Even when faced with adversities, they don’t easily give up but instead strive hard to learn from mistakes, stand up, and do better with a smile.

Experienced in outsourcing

The business process outsourcing in the country started in 1992 and since then has earned a 10-fold increase in its total revenue.

Not limited to business process outsourcing, Filipino professionals, including consultants, have experienced working for a foreign client. They have what is needed to work in a competitive market.

Filipinos can even adjust their sleep and work based on the time zone of their clients – and that is to meet deadlines. Not to forget, Filipino freelancers are very flexible in that they can meet any client demands and requests and grow as the requirement grows, too.

Filipinos are used to the dynamics of the freelancing and outsourcing world and are well-versed in this kind of work setup.

Lower hourly rate

Thanks to geoarbitrage, you’ll get the same quality of work and sometimes even more but at a lower rate when you hire a Filipino professional, who typically charges around $11.72 hourly compared to someone in the US at $37.87 or in Great Britain at $46.54 hourly rate.

They may be in a different geographic location, halfway across the planet, but their professional qualifications are par excellence, meeting global standards.

So, whether you’re a seasoned or a startup business in your industry, you might want to reconsider this point - Save money by hiring a good Filipino freelancer who has the same qualifications as professionals in developed countries, such as those in Western Europe or the United States.

Hard work is a virtue

Working diligently isn’t new to a Filipino freelancer, who from childhood has been taught about the value of hard work and dedication.

Known to be relentless, they keep going and finish what they’ve started, working efficiently to meet timelines and client expectations. They work very hard for the future of their loved ones, so consistency and hard work is second nature to them.

Filipinos are highly-adaptive global citizens

Filipinos are highly adaptive

Filipinos think and act global and don’t need as much requirement to adjust to international processes. The world is their playground.

There are 2.2 million overseas Filipino workers who worked abroad between April-September (2019 Survey on Overseas Filipinos).

Hiring a Filipino freelancer, businesses can expect top-level skills and highly-adaptive characteristics; bonus is their naturally service-oriented nature. It is their signature trait to treat customers with utmost care.

Over To You

The gig economy is booming and it isn’t just a passing trend. It’ll be here even after the pandemic. If you’re a business owner who is making that great shift to the virtual workplace and assembling your remote freelance team, consider Filipino freelancers.

  • They are hardworking, reliable, and resilient.

  • They charge lower rates.

  • They deliver quality output.

  • They’re highly adaptable and competitive.

  • And they put their heart and soul to whatever they do, making them the freelancer of choice among their growing client base.

Ready to hire Filipino freelancers? We’ll help you find the right people. Contact us today and follow our socials Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Schedule a call today.

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