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How Virtual Professionals in the Philippines Can Transform Your E-commerce Business

Updated: 9 hours ago

How Virtual Professionals in the Philippines Can Transform Your E-commerce Business

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, finding the right talent to grow your business can be tough. But what if there was an untapped talent pool halfway across the world that could transform your company? In a podcast with Andrew Faris, serial entrepreneur Gregg Carey talked about how he built a team of 15 skilled professionals in the Philippines that fueled the expansion of his e-commerce business.

Read on to learn key insights from the conversation. Find out how virtual teams abroad helped Gregg scale his operations while reducing costs. We'll also dive into the benefits and potential pitfalls of hiring overseas so you can determine if it's the right move for your online store. If done right, virtual professionals could provide the talent you need to take your e-commerce venture to the next level.

Tapping the Philippines for Top-level Talent You Won’t Find Elsewhere

If you run an e-commerce business, hiring talent from the Philippines could transform your operations. Just ask Gregg Carey, founder of Section 119. When Gregg started building his team, he was hesitant to hire overseas. But after giving it a shot, thanks to Lara Guevara, a Filipina colleague he worked with in an executive education company, he ended up with 15 valuable employees in the Philippines.

Access Highly Skilled Professionals at a Lower Cost

Gregg found he could hire experienced professionals in the Philippines. However, unlike many business owners who hire offshore to find the lowest labor cost, he does not go by the 'virtual assistant' model of finding cheap help for basic tasks. Instead, he promotes hiring 'virtual professionals' - skilled team members with deep competence who drive real growth. These professionals get a premium rate based on Philippine standards but still afford business owners cost savings.

A Wider, More Diverse Talent Pool

A Wider, More Diverse Talent Pool

In the Philippines, Gregg accessed candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. He hired leaders who could manage teams. This allowed him to scale his business without sacrificing quality.

Challenges Building a Strong Company Culture

Of course, hiring overseas brings challenges. You have to overcome the initial hesitation of hiring virtually. Clear communication and a cohesive company culture are essential. With the right approach, businesses can leverage the benefits of Filipino talent.

The More Staffing Solution

Gregg founded More Staffing to help other e-commerce companies hire in the Philippines. They take a methodical approach to finding experienced candidates. More Staffing positions themselves as partners who can solve operational challenges, not just fill job openings.

Accessing Filipino talent gave Gregg's business a competitive advantage. With the help of a company like More Staffing, your e-commerce business could also build a world-class virtual team. The key is finding the right professionals and fostering a culture where they thrive.

Virtual Professionals vs. Virtual Assistants - What's the Difference?

Virtual Professionals vs. Virtual Assistants - What's the Difference?

Virtual professionals and virtual assistants are often thought of as one broad category, but some key differences exist. Virtual assistants typically focus on administrative tasks like scheduling, emailing, and data entry. They provide basic support at a low cost.

Virtual professionals, on the other hand, are highly skilled and experienced. They can take on leadership roles and drive key initiatives. For Gregg Carey's company, hiring virtual professionals in the Philippines gave him access to candidates with years of experience in e-commerce, marketing, and operations. These professionals were able to contribute significantly to the growth of his business.

Diverse Skill Sets

The talent pool in the Philippines enabled Gregg to find professionals with experience in areas like:

  • E-commerce and online marketing

  • Software engineering

  • Accounting and finance

  • Customer service

He was able to build an entire team to support his business needs.

Reduced Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

By hiring virtual professionals in the Philippines, Gregg scaled his company at a lower cost than hiring locally in the US. However, he didn't have to sacrifice quality. His team of 15 virtual professionals was highly skilled, experienced, and able to work autonomously with minimal oversight.

Communication and Culture Are Key

While the cost savings and access to talent were huge benefits, Gregg acknowledges that hiring overseas does come with challenges. Clear communication and building a cohesive company culture across borders were essential to his success. With the right partners and systems in place, virtual professionals in the Philippines can become invaluable members of your team. They're not just "virtual assistants" plugging away at routine tasks but rather emerging leaders helping drive your business into the future.

Key Benefits of Hiring Talent from the Philippines

For good reason, the Philippines has become a hotspot for hiring virtual talent. There are several key benefits to building a team in the Philippines.

Lower Costs

Gregg discovered that you can find highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally. The lower cost of living in the Philippines means lower salary expectations. This allows you to scale your team without breaking the bank.

Wider Talent Pool

The large, English-speaking population in the Philippines gives you access to a vast range of talent. You can find candidates with experience in customer service, marketing, software engineering, and more. Gregg built a team of 15 in the Philippines, accessing a talent level that would have been difficult to find in the US. 

Access to Top-Notch Talents

Gregg believes you can use the world to find the best talents. And once you do, don’t use the country for low-cost labor. Instead, use these incredible talents that are inaccessible to you to fill your weaknesses. For example, if you already have too much on your plate, hire an expert in the Philippines to whom you can delegate your tasks. With this scenario, you can save time and money while ensuring your business is running well. 

Opportunity for Advancement

While the initial goal may be to save money, many businesses find their Philippine teams vital to their operations. The professionals you hire, especially at the management level, can take on more responsibility over time. Some may even become key leaders in your company.

Of course, there are challenges to overcome with an overseas team, like communication issues or technology barriers. However, for e-commerce businesses looking to scale affordably, the rewards of hiring in the Philippines far outweigh the costs. With the support of a company like More Staffing, you can build a thriving remote team and transform your operations.

Overcoming Concerns and Challenges with Overseas Hiring

Overcoming Concerns and Challenges with Overseas Hiring

Hiring virtual talent from overseas comes with many benefits, concerns, and challenges. Here are some key issues businesses face when hiring remotely, along with strategies for overcoming them.

Apprehension About Hiring Abroad

Many business owners share Andrew's initial hesitation in hiring talent overseas. However, once you experience the benefits firsthand, those concerns will fade. The key is finding the right partner to guide you through the process.

Communication Barriers

While English is commonly spoken in the Philippines, there may still be some language barriers to navigate. Be clear in your job listings and interviews about your expectations for communication skills. Provide opportunities for frequent virtual meetings to get to know your new hires and ensure you have a shared understanding of priorities and processes.

Building Company Culture

Just because your team is distributed doesn't mean you can't build a cohesive company culture. Make culture a priority from day one by being transparent about your values and vision. Create opportunities for casual interaction and relationship building. Tools like Slack can help facilitate open communication and reinforce that sense of shared purpose.

If you’re considering hiring remote team members from the Philippines, you can read further by checking our blog article on The 5 Must-Knows for Outsourcing Talent from the Philippines.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Contact More Staffing today!

Partnering with a talent acquisition service like More Staffing to hire virtual professionals in the Philippines could be a game-changer for your e-commerce business. Just think about it - you'd instantly expand your talent pool, bringing on skilled pros at a fraction of the cost. And we're talking real deal experts here - not just VAs doing busy work. 

This could take your operations to the next level, helping you scale and grow without breaking the bank. So, if you want to transform your business, it may be time to overcome the overseas hiring hurdle. The opportunity is real - you just need the right partner to make it happen. Book a call with More Staffing and expand your team today.

The Andrew Faris Podcast: Gregg Carey's Business Was Transformed By Employees In The Philippines

Note: This blog article is based on the Andrew Faris podcast episode, Gregg Carey’s Business was Transformed by Employees in the Philippines. You can listen to the podcast here.


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