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How a Clothing Company in NY saved $35k by Hiring an Offshore Supply Chain Inventory Planner

Updated: Jan 29

Hire with More and get effective supply chain talent at discounted rates

Clothing Company in NY saved $35k by Hiring an Offshore Supply Chain Inventory Planner

Hello! Welcome to More Wins, the blog series of More Staffing that focuses on sharing the win-win opportunities we provide organizations and professionals.

Client organizations get access to the most talented and experienced professionals in the Philippines at a discounted price to US domestic rates, with savings from $10k, $35k, and $50k per year for each talent staffed. On the other hand, top-tier Philippine-based talents get the opportunity to practice their craft in a work-from-anywhere arrangement with globally competitive rates. We incorporate executive coaching upon onboarding to facilitate a smooth easing-in process and to support continuous growth.

Here at More Staffing, we think win-win! You can learn more about the benefits of hiring a virtual professional by booking a call with us:

What is our client’s business all about?

Our client owns a well-loved clothing business. His company sells comfortable, ultra soft, unisex lounge wear. It is incredibly well-loved that the brand has logged in more than six thousand 5-star reviews. The products are available across various e-commerce platforms and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

What virtual position did our client hire?

supply chain professional

Our client was looking for a supply chain professional, particularly an inventory planner. Her role includes:

  • Inventory planning - creating and maintaining live spreadsheets on the current inventory, tracking of sales data, estimate future weeks of supply.

  • Demand forecasting - develop monthly sales and inventory forecasts through vendor management tools and demand forecasting.

  • Analysis and reporting - measure business performance and address performance gaps, coordinate with various departments, review inventory data to estimate potential utilization.

After presenting our client with a range of candidates, he hired Dana.

What is the rate of the professional that was hired? What is the business impact of hiring offshore?

$35k in annual savings

Our client hired Dana, a supply chain inventory planner, for a full-time position at $20/hr.

With More Staffing's one-year commitment to clients post-deployment, our client logged in a minimum of $35,000 savings on annual salary costs. Compared with US domestic rates, our client gets close to 300% ROI over our fee!

Pro Tip: hiring an offshore team triples or quadruples the cost savings. And because our talents go through an executive coaching engagement, they are more like to stay, continuously improve performance, and be proactive members of the team. Our clients definitely get more when they hire with us!

Hiring a remote professional has a plethora of win-win benefits

What was our client's feedback months after hiring from More Staffing?

Our client proudly shared:

The talent we sourced from More Staffing is absolutely amazing!

Likewise, the inventory planner hired had warm words for her NY-based employer. She shared that "I am happy working with my client for several months now. As an offshore professional, we communicate via e-mail, Slack, and Zoom on a regular basis. The company and my client himself have a positive vibe, the people inspire me to be at the my best."

Thinking of hiring a virtual professional too?

Hiring a remote professional has a plethora of win-win benefits.

If you’re looking for a professional similar to what we featured in our blog, consider partnering with More. We recruit top-tier management-level professionals to support your organization’s growth. Schedule a call today.

Editor’s note: Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients and talents. All other details remain accurate


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