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8 Best Jobs That Are Absolutely Perfect For Remote Work

Updated: Jan 29

8 Best Jobs That Are Absolutely Perfect For Remote Work

We have had a taste of the perks of working from home, and for some of us, it is hard to imagine going back to working in the four corners of an office. But as the pandemic is starting to simmer down, and we are looking to live with the reality of Covid-19, so is the possibility of going back to pre-pandemic work conditions.

If you are looking for a job pivot or hoping to look into some careers offering full remote options, this is a fantastic time to explore the many possibilities. Many industries are not looking to open up just yet because of the benefits not just evident in the work and life balance of the employees, but also the benefits like lowered costs for companies too, among others.

Here are eight jobs that are or have the potential to shift to a remote setup even when the pandemic settles down.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager

There are many facets to being a supply chain manager, whether you are a procurement or sourcing specialist or a supply chain analyst. Some of the duties that a supply chain manager will assume are ensuring timely delivery, overseeing the supply chains, and ensuring that the company or business is operating according to the budget, among many others.

With the right arsenal of different collaborative software and communication tools for monitoring and research analysis to set up the blueprint for improvement, technology has made it possible for supply chain managers to work and continue to work remotely.

Business Operations Managers

If you are a business operations manager, your job description may vary according to your industry. Still, ultimately, it will involve managing the production process and designating points of service for each department member.

Managing the department would involve setting meetings with other departments, planning budgets, and improving efficiency, profits, and quality by looking into different strategies, all of which are able to be done remotely with the right tools and software provided by the company.

A hiring manager will need to look for project management, budgeting, and quality assurance skills for future business operations managers.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

From one selling broadbands to one selling makeup and band merchandise, every company or business will need a staff whose primary job function is to help and assist with purchase questions and other concerns. This is where customer service representatives come in.

Customer service representatives are one of the jobs that do their hiring offshore, especially the outsourcing Philippines customer service reps. This job can effortlessly be done at home just as long as you have access to the internet and a phone is provided for you by the company.

Digital Marketing

Another job that offers the possibility of remote work is digital marketing. When filling this job, a hiring agency would need to be on the lookout for great communicators.

They are involved in different processes like helping brands generate traffic on their site through various marketing strategies like search engine optimization or affiliated marketing. They also help companies and other businesses leverage and get potential customers using many forms of digital communications like social media or slow mail like email or text messaging.

Reading the job description will give you an initial idea of how this job can be done remotely at face value. Everything can be done with the internet!

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are creators, and most of them are already adept at freelancing which mostly calls for a work-from-home setup. Their job will be making visual representations like creating layouts, advertisements, logos, and even developing new fonts for the company to utilize for their businesses.

They are also called on to improve some of the designs based on the feedback given by the client. All these are mainly done with various computer applications and sometimes traditional media when it calls for it, making graphic design one of the jobs viable for permanent setup at home.

Web Developers

Another remote worker is the web developer. Web developers create, maintain, or improve a company or business' website. They design and make codes that dictate how a website operates and functions. They optimize the website to be viewed from your phone for easy navigation.

Besides improving the website, they can also add functions like providing newsletters to new subscribers for advertisements or designing a paywall for the site if merchandise is possible to purchase on the site.

This job will entail creating codes that are possible with the internet and a computer, making it feasible to do this job remotely.

Finance Managers and Bookkeepers

Finance Managers and Bookkeepers

A financial manager or a bookkeeper will keep a business' financial accounts in order. This job can be done remotely for smaller firms and organizations, but it can also be a completely different department for bigger companies.

They are tasked to record and organize all transactions and create financial statements and other reports for evaluation by the management, they also check and review reports and files for accuracy and many others. Remote financial managers and bookkeepers can do their job wherever they have wi-fi access.

Executive Assistants

In general, a staffing agency has seen a rise in companies hiring executive assistants to do work for them remotely. Executive assistants do the work that most in-house administrative assistants are doing.

They are effective at scheduling appointments. They are efficient in updating databases. They can also execute travel plans for the management, all of which they can do remotely with wifi and a computer.

Final Thoughts

Remote work is the present– and the future.

It's the answer to the balance many employees crave to combat job burnout and the response to the retention and resignation recruitment process is looking for. Companies will have problems recruiting in the future if they don't offer remote benefits, and many run the risk of another wave of resignation if the workplace offers no flexibility.

The following years will present more employees demanding better for themselves and the environment we live in, and remote working poses a lot of benefits on that front.

If you are looking into work that can smoothly transition to a remote setup, you'll want to find out the apps and tools that will make online work possible. Check out our well-loved blog article on the best apps and tools to set up an offshore team.

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