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We connect you with
A-players who can run your business remotely.

Hire exceptional manager and director-level talent that costs up to 80% less than US-based staff.

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Scale your business more cost-effectively with A-players from the Philippines. We can help.

What role are you looking to hire?
How many employees in the company?
Are you looking for a full time or part time role?
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Free your mind and schedule from busywork that distracts you from growth.

Let go of delegating small tasks to assistants. Hire virtual professionals in more senior roles who can lead teams, manage complex projects, and represent your company with professionalism, integrity, and passion.


Experienced director and manager-level professionals


Highly trained in the systems and tools you use to run your business


Leadership skills, critical thinking, and sound judgment


Hardworking and dedicated team members that will treat your business as their own

We go beyond the typical recruiter model to ensure our talent exceeds your expectations.

We work with a sense of urgency, but we think long-term. We won’t rest until your newly expanded team is driving the business results you need.

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Hire with Ease

It takes hundreds of hours to search, screen, interview, and do background checks.

Connect with us and we’ll introduce you to your next rockstar team member

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Needs Assessment

We work with you to deeply understand the needs of your company, the culture that makes it unique, and the specific soft and hard skills you expect in your new hire.

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Search and Screen

Leveraging our expansive network and a rigorous screening process, we find the best of the best. (And we know that time is your most scarce resource, so we do it fast.)

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Hire, Train and Onboard

We will only present you with great candidates for you to interview. Once you find a match, we will work to ensure a smooth onboarding of your new team member so they hit the ground running on day 1.

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Coach Laarni,  ICF-Accredited Coach, executive coach


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And we do More.  We’re your partner for life and will provide training, mentorship, and ICF-accredited coaching to make sure your newly expanded team is a well-oiled machine.

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Yes, a virtual assistant is helpful. But a high-skilled virtual professional can transform your business.

Prepare to scale, improve financial performance, and strengthen your company’s resilience by hiring remote supply chain and finance professionals from the Philippines.

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Supply Chain

Roles we can fill for you:

  • Supply chain manager

  • Demand planning manager

  • Global sourcing manager

  • Inventory planner

  • Logistics analyst

A team in supply chain can help you with:

  • Optimizing working capital 

  • Mitigating risks 

  • Negotiating with suppliers

  • Avoiding stockouts

  • Seeking new technologies to improve processes

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Finance and Accounting

Roles we can fill for you:

  • Finance manager

  • Financial accountant

  • Bookkeeper

  • Internal auditor

  • Credit Controller

  • Financial analyst

A team in finance and accounting can help you with:

  • Analyzing and forecasting financial performance

  • Invoices, salaries, and sales transactions

  • Preparing for audit

  • Planning for business development

Looking to hire a position outside of supply chain and finance?

We can staff any position that can be accomplished

with a computer and today's digital tools.

What Our Clents Say
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What Our Clients Say:

Frequently Asked Questions

What roles can you staff for us?

We specialize in staffing virtual professionals in supply chain and finance-related capacities. Why? Because we believe that these two roles are the most essential for a small to mid-sized e-commerce company to scale. Some of the roles we have placed include supply chain manager, demand planning manager, inventory planner, finance manager, accountants, and bookkeepers.


What about other roles? We also staff positions in other departments such as sales, marketing, customer service, design, human resources, and more. We can scout for talent all the way from junior roles to top-management positions. As a rule of thumb, any position that can be efficiently handled by a professional using digital tools is a position we can help you with.

Who are your typical clients?

Our typical clients are startups and small to medium-sized e-commerce companies. 


We often work with Founders or CEOs who are transitioning from handling daily business operations to scaling their business, which entails delegating tasks to achieve better work-life balance and pursue new opportunities. We also work with hiring managers and department heads who need to fill skill gaps to improve their team's performance.

Industries we work with are varied. A few of our recent placements are in industries such as apparel, real estate, mental health and wellness, tech, home decor, and logistics.

Is a work visa required to hire virtual Filipino professionals?

No. You don’t have to issue a work visa. Candidates are not US-based therefore don’t need a visa to work with you. Filipino virtual professionals facilitate payment for their taxes, healthcare, insurance, and other payments.

How does your pricing work?

We require a deposit of $1k. There are flexible terms for the balance payment once the hired candidate is onboarded.


Our agency fee is inclusive of a 12-month guarantee, 6 months of ICF executive coaching, and HR support as needed. We don’t make any deductions on the employee’s salary.

How are candidates paid?

Candidates are paid directly by the client.


We can recommend payroll service providers that are often used by our clients. We can help you select one that is suitable for your specific needs.

Why should I trust candidates from More Staffing?

Our candidates are screened by a panel of HR professionals, industry experts, and ICF-certified executive coaches. We give our candidates necessary tests for aptitude, working style, and communication skills, and other tests depending on the role. We conduct thorough background checks from previous employers.


We provide 6 months of ICF executive coaching to the candidates to ensure that our candidates are continuously motivated and equipped with the skills to succeed in the role. 


Additionally, we maintain regular communication with both our clients and candidates to ensure that expectations are being met and any issues are addressed promptly. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and candidates based on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

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Gregg Carey, Co-founder

Andrew Faris Podcast.jpg

Discover the story behind Gregg Carey’s business transformation!

Tune in to The Andrew Faris podcast to learn how a team of Filipino virtual professionals helped grow Gregg’s

e-commerce business, which paved the way for the launch of More Staffing.


Bonus Episode: Gregg Carey’s Business Was Transformed by Employees in the Philippines

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