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Learn with More. As part of our core advocacy to support Filipino professionals to become globally recognized as top-caliber talents, More brings you a series of online training sessions. 

Speaker Glaiza Ilagan Learning Session

Mind Mapping and Process Mapping: Improve Your Thought Process, Improve Your Results

With Guest Speaker Glaiza Ilagan

September 23, 2022 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

It's time to map your way to success! When you change the way you think, the results you get will change too. How bad do you need clarity and organization in your thoughts? To achieve high levels of concentration and creativity, with great organization and concise communication, you need to understand and put into practice the concept of mind mapping.


Mind mapping and process mapping can be a new idea to grasp, some may not have heard of it yet but it is a technique used to increase memory and understand concepts, ideas, key terms, and information with the use of visual map. Understanding mind mapping and how it works helps you organize your thoughts, remember information and generate new ideas.


In the next learning session, Coach Glaiza Ilagan, a supply chain expert, an executive coach, and the head of business operations of More Staffing will teach us how to use mind mapping and process mapping as a technique to boost productivity, inspire creativity, and to improve memory and recall.


This learning session comes with a certificate of participation if you join until the end of the speaker's presentation. Thank you!

What’s in it for you?

The training sessions are FREE for all Filipino professionals.

Topics are in-demand, relevant to work, and inclusive of a workshop proper to help you apply the skills and learn more effectively.

Learn from the best, the sessions are conducted by practitioners and experts in the field.

Become part of a community of Filipino professionals.

Boost your professional and personal development.

Find out new career opportunities and industries you can explore.

Our Previous Trainings

Learning Session Aiza Lopez, basic of goggle sheets

Learn the Basics of Google Sheets

With Speaker Aiz Lopez

Advance your career with the help of basic MS Excel skills. Excel is used for a variety of tasks, including data management, calculations, and list creation. It is commonly used by top analysts and other professionals.

More learning sessions, mental health for remote workers

Mental Health For Remote Workers

Balancing Productivity & Wellness In Today's Work Set- Up 

With Speaker Danyel Draper

Are you struggling to achieve work-life balance in today’s work setup? Whether you are working from home, working from anywhere, or have a hybrid work setup, one thing is certain - we all need to protect our mental health.

time management and productivity

Time Management and Productivity:

Essentials for Work Life Balance

With Speaker Laarni Guevara

Do you want to be productive, start planning, and get more things done? Organizing your day can help complete work on time, stay engaged in your activities whilst allowing yourself to have more room for other things you love to do. Having strong time-management skills complemented with the right mindset and tools can ultimately lead to accomplishing key goals and achieve work-life balance.

 Coach Tippy Teamwork and collaboration Learning Sessions

Teamwork and Collaboration

With Speaker Tippy Benedito

Today’s work landscape is fast-changing, but it’s still teamwork that makes the dream work. Offices are in the virtual space. Teams are more diverse and cross-cultural. There’s a wide array of tools and technology to choose from. How can you ensure that teamwork, collaborative efforts, and healthy team relationships are put into practice?


We will learn about principles and practical tips to ensure that teamwork and collaboration are not left behind:

  • Key elements for building teamwork in today’s work landscape

  • Skills and practices organizations can adapt to promote effective team dynamics

  • The leader’s role in fostering high-performing teams and employee engagement

More learning sessions, future of work

Future of Work

With Speaker Laarni Guevara

Learn the right mindset, tools, and practices to help you get started with remote working. We invite you to our upcoming Learning Session, Future of Work: Key Lessons to Successful Remote Working.

Key Lessons To Successful Remote Working

More learning sessions, Negotiate with Confidence

Negotiate with Confidence:

In our next learning session, our guest speaker, Jackie Liban will talk about how you can level up your game in successful negotiation. Jackie will help you gain practical tools, tactics, and insights from real-life experiences which you can apply as you make negotiations in your day-to-day life.

How to Negotiate Anything in Career, Life, and Business

With Speaker Jackie Liban

More learning sessions, Basic Social Media Management s

Basic Social Media Management

With Speaker Angela Mendoza Flores

If you want to level up your knowledge on social media, now is the time to join our next learning session. Here you will understand the basics of social media management, get an overview of branding, tools, and techniques to shape your brand, learn the essentials of social media strategy and even get to know recommended courses and other resources to jumpstart your social media game. Angela Mendoza, the Head of Marketing of More Staffing will present this learning session.

More learning sessions, maximize your earnings

Maximize Your Earnings

With  Speaker JC Ventura

Financial freedom is not about how much you earn, it's about how you manage your money. In our next training session, learn the mindset, system, and habits that will help you thrive in your finances. 

Smart Ways To Build a Financially Healthy Future

More learning sessions, Intermediate excel

Intermediate Excel Training: Tips and Tricks

Gain valuable excel skills that will help you carry out regular business tasks faster. Learn about formulas and functions, manipulating data and creating dynamic reports. 

With Speaker Gerogette Estabillo

communication  speaking and being heard

Communication: Speaking and Being Heard

With Speaker Ted Leinwand

Learn to communicate with the people in your life with clarity, motivate connection with your audience, and structure a high-pressure conversation for mutual success through our next learning session entitled, “Communication: Speaking and Being Heard” which will be presented by Mr. Ted Leinwand. He is a CEC-certified executive coach and a talent development expert who focuses on how best to empower and mentor his clients. He has a background in Education and Neuroscience and has spent years in helping build an academic consulting company. He believes that how well we connect, affects how high we climb.

Not able to join? Let us know and we’ll keep you posted when we have a new schedule for our sessions.

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