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Together, we can achieve more.

More Staffing LLC is a professional recruitment agency that connects stellar companies around the globe with excellent management level Filipino talent. Our approach to creating a successful partnership between companies and talents include leveraging on world class coaching, mentorship, and skill development programs.

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We envision a global workplace where both individuals and organizations can thrive and be at their optimum. We welcome an era where the Filipino is celebrated for providing world class ideas, talents, and leadership.

Meet Our Team

We are a team from both sides of the globe with expertise in entrepreneurship, executive coaching, business operations, training, and communication. We are working together to create a safe, inspiring, and global workplace where both organizations and individuals can thrive.

gregg-carey photo

Gregg Carey


Entrepreneur Advisor


Laarni Guevara


Executive Coach

Glaiza Ilagan

Glaiza Ilagan

Head of Operations

Executive Coach


JC Ventura

Head of Human Resources

Finance Coach


Angela Mendoza 

Head of Content

Digital Strategist

Ted Leinwand, Executive Coach photo

Ted Leinwand

Executive Coach

James Borres photo

James Borres

HR Admin Assistant

Eugena Dawn Pailanan photo

Eugena Dawn Pailanan

HR Admin Officer

Kersey Romero, Sales and Marketing Specialist photo

Kersey Romero

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Kristine Gonzalez , Social Media Manager photo

Kristine Gonzalez

Social Media Manager

Haydee Ode, Web Developer photo

Haydee Ode

Web Developer

Bea Nava, Graphic Designer photo

Bea Nava

Graphic Designer

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